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New Revshare packMarch 23rd, 2021
Good news!! After much thought and accounting to make sure we are stable, we are happy to announce that we have added revshare packs so that all of our users can earn higher profits. To be sustainable over time, we will use part of the money from the purchase of packs, it will be invested in different reliable and stable websites in the following proportions. 30% will go to promote different PTCs, 25% we will use it to trade cryptocurrencies, 10% to promote our own PTC and the other 35% will go to the reserve fund to pay our users and to deal with the possible losses in the promotion of other PTCs or in cryptocurrency trading. In this way we make sure that our users get extra stable profits. The packages will have a value of $ 2 and you will earn $ 0.206 per day for ten days, so more or less will obtain a 0.8% daily during those 10 days (these percentages may vary according to the income we obtain in order to make it stable ). You can buy all the packages you want but keep in mind that you can only buy packages once every 10 days. It is important to note that you can only buy packages once every 10 days, the number of packages you want. It is our way of thanking all the support of our users by giving them a stable income for life. The conditions of the packages may vary according to the income of the website but we will work hard to be as stable as possible and always give the same percentage (about 0.80% daily). On the other hand, we take the opportunity to comment that due to the high commissions and the problems and restrictions that Paypal generates, we have stopped working with this platform for the good of our users and to avoid possible losses in the future.
Great newsMarch 07th, 2021

Good news, we have added two new withdrawal methods and have lowered the withdrawal fees for users with an active membership.

The new withdrawal methods are Tron (TRX) and Dogecoin. With Tron we have lowered the withdrawal minimum to just $ 0.30.

The rest of the withdrawals remain the same.

For premium users, withdrawal commissions will not be charged except for Paypal, since the commissions of this processor are very high and we always seek to give the best conditions to our users,

being stable and profitable, Paypal commissions are reduced by 1%.

Otherwise everything continues as before, we are working and talking to add advcash as a payment method, but we still cannot ensure that we will be able to add advcash.

Thanks for your support and happy winnings.

New memberships benefitsMarch 03rd, 2021
Dear users we have added new benefits for memberships, apart from the current benefits we have added premium ads to increase the earnings of our users with active memberships, the more users with active memberships, the greater benefits we will give.
You can see the current benefits here:

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